Giving is good for your heart

Giving is good gor your heart 3Greetings! You have chosen to contribute us. Welcome to the community of world’s best quotes and pictures collection (actually the world’s best combination of pictures and quotes). We have spent years building this website providing the people of the world with the best experience of our heartbeat. We have been successful because we did from our hearts, really.

Actually we are not talking about a collection of love quotes. Love is like a butterfly. More you chase it the more you miss it. You must be more and more lucky to feel it real. We have gone far far beyond the real concept of love and we would like to look at the life as a whole, as a gift given to you or as something you built yourself really alone for the benefit of the others. That is why we are having a great collection of motivational quotes too. Actually we would like to introduce Heartbeat Love Quotes as the quotes that your heartbeat loves. It has to do a lot with love as well as the real life experiences of everyone. Not only quotes, we do love beautiful verses and creative writings. Never feel uncomfortable to share your feelings, and creations with the whole world behind you reading them. We do believe at least a handful of people in this world are blessed with the unlimited creativity.

Giving is good for your heart 2

Enjoy your life to the fullest because you are not getting those moments again. Contribute people with happiness, contribute us. Be a part of the community of unmetered love and creativity.

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