Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye naa yakeen…

How did i find you, i cannot believe on my fate
you descended upon life’s placid lake, like the moon descends sometimes
sometimes, slowly and quietly
like the gleaming sunshine in a warm melody, you…
have passed away by touching me as such
shall i see you or listen to you
you are my peace, you are my passion
why didn’t you come before?
how did i find you, i cannot believe on my fate
i was thinking, that the creator these days…
has no time, however, he made/created you
he (God) has got a higher place in my eyes, and in standing/honour he even increased
the roads, spring and rivers are changed, the flash of flame is changed
life is playing some new tune, the shower of rain has changed
the seasons will change their style/performance, but i will remain the same
the same way by casting my arms in your arms, every moment
life has become an instrument, it has become a sound of the mallar (mallar: style of music)
i cannot believe on my fate that how did i get you.

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